CNC Programing

We have always strived to ensure our products are easy to use and be reliable .

MicroTech Stella Data has always aimed to make easy-to-understand and easy-to-use software .
To use our software you don’t need not be a computer specialist . MicroTech Stella Data AB has today the only CAM system, CamModul, developed entirely in Sweden by its own staff. This means that we have all the skills in the “house” and not have to rely on others when it comes to improvements and upgrades of the software.

Computer aided programming

CamModul and CncSimulator is a package that emerged from the clients’ needs. Recently, the program CamModul 3D emerged from the same type of demand.

TrigFix is a vary easy to use calculation software in the form of CAD / CAM. This is perhaps the first step when you want to start using the computer programming of NC machines .


Both CamModul and TextMilling can be used for this purpose. TextMilling is specially designed to simplify the routing of various texts (signs, markings etc)