CNC Communication

MicroTech Stella Data has a very long experience of connecting the CNC machines to external devices.

Specialising in systems engineering

Stella Data has always worked with CNC communication in various forms. In total we have over the years linked up more than 5,000 NC machines against our PC-based system with both network and RS -232.

Proprietary products

In order to have full control and allow for easy customization , we are developing all the software in-house. This also applies to hardware. If available standard electronics do not meet our requirements we build custom interfaces and products.
Communication cables are manufactured ” on-demand ” in custom lengths.

Custom made programs

MicroTech Stella Data were early to make custom made software for example Mazatrol and Brother system . These programs remain under the windows versions PCMAZ and TcKom .


MicroTech Stella Data ‘s software has a long history which includes include NcEdit . The first version of NcEdit was programmed in the 1980s in DOS environment and the development is still going on, 30 years later, but in more modern environments of course. 😉