User friendly

NcEdit is a specially developed software for editing, managing and transmitting NC programs. CNC communication works perfectly for communication against most control systems eg. Okuma, Brother, Heidenhain, Fanuc machines and others

The program is very user friendly and uses all Windows standard features such as 'cut and paste' and 'drag and drop' etc. which makes it very easy to e.g. copy parts of old programs to create new ones.

With the addition of additional plugins, it is possible to also communicate over networks with TCP / IP protocols. This also means that the program supports communication via FTP for control systems that support this (eg Fanuc and others).


NcEdit uses tabs to allow multiple applications to open at the same time. The tabs make it more manageable when you have several programs open.

The editing functions are specially adapted for editing of CNC-programs.
Color-coding, re-sequence, com-pare of two programs smart printing and a very versatile communication module makes NcEdit to one of most popular editing tools on the market.
You can change colors and fonts by your own choice.

One of the most popular functions is the way the software organize your programs. It gives you a quick way to find a certain program.


In NcEdit there is a simple plotting function that draws up ISO code in a 3D view which can then be turned and turned.

Organize your NC programs

A built-in program selection feature gives you a quick overview of your NC programs. Ability to group the programs into different libraries for eg customer, machine or detail.
When selecting a program, the first blocks of the program and / or the first parentheses of the NC program can be displayed.

DbDir finns som ett tillägg och blir då sömlöst integrerat i NcEdit som öppna- och spara-dialog.

Macro functions

Macro functions are built in in NcEdit, they generates G-code from dialogs, You simply answer questions in a dialog box and the macro generates the code for you. Pictures can be linked to every macro that explains the function.

How many times have we not forgotten the G code or code letter for a particular function and had to look for manuals or the like to move on. That problem is now gone. Macro is similar to a dialogue system in that questions related to explanatory images are answered.

We have ready made macron for Fanuc, Haas, Brother and Hei-denhain. All the macro functions are open so you can modify them or cre-ate new ones to suit your needs.

Cutting data

A cutting speed and feed calculator is integrated in NcEdit. Just enter the necessary parameters and the calculations are made instantly.


Thanks to our many years of experience, the communication part of NcEdit is fast and secure.
Great flexibility regarding communication parameters makes the program able to communicate with most of the control systems on the market.
We have parameter settings and cable descriptions for most control systems and of course help make it all work.

Sending through CncNet is seamlessly integrated into NcEdit. The operators can easily send programs from NcEdit through CncNet to the machines.

A simple feature is available to send programs to a USB memory for machines using USB interface.

Smart tools

  • Coloring the programs with custom colors, for example, let all blocks containing tools red to make them easier to see. All settings such as background, font, colors can be set to match your preferences.
  • Unpacking programs to make it easier to read, ie a space is entered between all values in the program.
  • Renumbering programs for both standard ISO programs or Heidenhain dialogue.
  • Tool lists can be created with a simple button press for documentation of the program, comments and simple setting instructions are added if desired.
  • Comparison of two programs showing all differences with color markings.
  • Split programs that will for example split a machine backup into individual files or tabs.
  • Multiple programs can be edited simultaneously, cut and paste between programs.

System requirements

Windows 7 and later. 32/64-bit

A free COM-port or Usb-to-serial USB adapter

NcEdit is available in Swedish, Norwegian and English


Ladda ned en begränsad demoversion av NcEdit